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This is RationalWiki's snarkilicious take on some of the more "WTF?" or egregious blog posts, editorials, videos and social media posts out there. The best can be found in Best of the clogosphere and older entries can be found in the archives.

Be wary of Poe's Law; if something seems too outrageous to be true, use {{poe}}. Except for stories about PETA.


What is going on?

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January 2020

"It’s so much worse than I expected and I can’t unsee it."
with accompanying DNA testing kit that claims to reveal specific "weight loss insights" and recommend one of three custom diet plans based on an analysis of your DNA.
you know you fucked up.

December 2019

on the supposed "higher Jews," hint: one of the authors of the paper this is based on is a known Neo-Nazi shitbag.
, but only because Ben Shapiro called him out for his racism.
(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
after trans rights activists reported his tweets for hate speech about five million times.
so he can be as transphobic as he likes without getting kicked off Twitter by its team of "women-hating incels".
, or at best offering half-hearted mild "criticism" of said remarks, showing that this is about Zionism, not Judaism.
These kits which are similar to ancestry kits will use the customer’s DNA to say if certain items are healthy for them.

November 2019

of capitalism over collectivism

October 2019

Canada’s is. Two points, the Telegraph in the past was owned by Canadian-Briton Conrad Black, and Hannan is a friend of Andrew Scheer.
. (yes, the thing is paywalled so just take its headline at face value)
Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, Robert Gates and John Howard.
which Mumsnet people are loving.
to show how positive he and his rich white friends feel about the future.
and here's some weird they handed out. How's it hurting Warren? . Way to go Jacob. Nailed it.
regurgitating Deep State conspiracy theories in an opinion piece full of his trademark far-right pseudo-legal opinions and sensational language. "It is time for justice to roll like thunder. It is time to hold the Deep State accountable."
(which are one of the biggest killers of pregnant women and are normally treated by removing the non-viable fetus) aren't a serious problem and can resolve themselves without intervention, or that the wrongly-implanted fetus can be saved by a magical surgical procedure (which all doctors who aren't fundamentalist Christians say doesn't exist).